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School Buildings

Orchard Street school was opened in 1907 for junior and senior school children transferred from New Fletton British School. In 1947 it became a secondary modern school, taking pupils from Woodston CE school (St. Augustine's CE). The school close din 1961, when the pupils were transferred to the (then Huntingdonshire) Orton Longueville School. The premises were adapted and re-opened as the Orchard Street Special School for ESN Boys.

In 1967, alterations were carried out to form a Nursery Observation unit for about 12 younger boys and girls. the following year the classrooms and toilet facilities were improved.

By 1971, the school had increased to 171 and was transferred to Marshfields School, off Eastern Avenue.

In 1972, Orchard Street school re-opened with a nucleus of ESN boys and girls. The intention was that a new school would be established in the Bretton township. Instead, the nursery unit was transferred to Southfields' Infants' school in 1981 and the older children were transferred to Walton and Bushfield Comprehensive schools.

Orchard Street closed in 1986.

Orchars street school.jpg

I would be grateful for any images of schools in Fletton and any personal memories.

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Details about the schools has come from a range of sources including:

Kelly's Directories

K. W. Stimpson, 'The Growth of Elementary Education in England and the City of Peterborough since 1800' (first issued 1962, revised E. H. Read 1972, revised M. Kennelly and E. H. Read 1990

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