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Teachers in Fletton

The Fletton Board School, built for £7000, was opened by the Hon A. E. Fellowes, M.P. on Monday 25th February 1901. Locally known as 'the school on the hill' the school log book survives. It is a valuable source through which the life of the school can be viewed. I have extracted from the school log book the names of the teachers employed at the school, and those who visited in various capacities. The entries include, where known,  name, position held, date of appointment, qualification and previous employment.

Present in the first year of the school 1901

Agnes Grey                              Headmistress                 25th February 1901        certified teacher       Bramley Infants Board School, Leeds

Kathleen Willson                     Assistant mistress                                                   Art50                         Nassington Board School

Edith Panter (Miss)                 Assistant mistress         19th March 1901              Art50                         Castor National Infants

Mabel J Grey                            Assistant mistress         15th April 1901                                                   St. Marks National School, P'Boro

Helen M Bouch (Miss)           Certified assistant          24th June 1901                 certified teacher       St. Mary's National School, P'Boro

Present in school year 1902/1903

Gertrude Ellen Thurley         Monitor                            3rd November 1902         

Sarah Brewster                        Monitor                            3rd November 1902

Present in school year 1904/1905

Margaret Pentney (Miss)       Temp assist                     10th October 1904           Art68

Grace Berridge                        Assistant mistress          9th January 1905             Ex PT Art50               Stanground Infants (pupil teacher)

Present in school year 1905/1906

Kathleen Willson                    Headmistress                                                            certified teacher

Mabel J Grey (Gray)                                                                                                   certified teacher

Helen Bouch                                                                                                                certified teacher

Edith Panter                                                                                                                 Art 50

Grace Berridge                                                                                                           

Margaret Pentney                                                                                                      

Sarah Brewster                                                                                                            Probationer 2nd Year

Gertrude Ellen Thurley                                                                                             Probationer

Edith Hopwood                      Uncertified assistant     25th September 1905      uncertified teacher     New England Council School, P'boro

Charlotte Butler (Miss)          Uncertified assistant      15th January 1905           uncertified assistant  Woodstone Infants School

Present in school year 1906/1907

Kathleen Willson                    Headmistress                                                           

Mabel J Grey (Gray)                                                                                                   

Edith Panter                                                                                                                  uncertified teacher

Grace Berridge                                                                                                             uncertiifed teacher

Edith Hopwood                                                                                                           uncertfied teacher

Margaret Pentney                                                                                                         supplementary

Sarah Brewster                          Pupil teacher                                                            Pupil teacher 2nd year

Gertrude Thurley                      Pupil teacher                                                            Pupil teacher 1st year

Present in school year 1907/1908

Kathleen Willson                      Headmistress

Mabel J Grey (Gray)

Edith Hopwood

Edith Panter

Charlotte Butler

Grace Berridge

Sarah Brewster                                                                                                         Pupil teacher 3rd year

Gertrude Thurley                                                                                                     Pupil teacher 2nd year

Florence Curtis (Miss)             Uncertified assistant       4th March 1907          Uncertified assistant   St. Judes Infant School, Bethnel Green

Present in school year 1908/1909

Kathleen Willson

Charlotte Butler

Edith Hopwood

Florence Curtis

Grace Berridge

Sarah Brewster                                                                                                           Uncertified teacher

Gertrude Thurley                                                                                                       Pupil teacher 3rd year

Beatrice Cooke (Miss)               Certified teacher           1st May 1908                 Certified teacher           Castor Infants School

Present in school year 1909/1910

Present in school year 1910/1911

Amelia Dobbs (Miss)                 Certified assistant        29th May 1911              Certified assistant        Mixed department Fletton

Present in school year 1911/1912

Kathleen Willson        Headteacher

Amelia Dobbs             Class 1  Certified teacher

​Edith Hopwood         Class 2  Uncertified teacher

Grace Berridge           Class 3  Uncertified teacher

Sarah Brewster           Class 4  Uncertified teacher

Beatrice Cooke            Class 5  Certified teacher

Florence Curtis           Class 6  Uncertified teacher

Mrs Pouncey               Supply                                         26th October 1911

Mrs Turner                  Supply                                           8th February 1912

Eleanor Hockin          Uncertified teacher                      7th March 1912

Present in school year 1912/1913

Dora Pollard (Miss)    Certified teacher                          11th June 1913

Eleanor Hockin           Uncertified teacher                      12th March 1913

Mrs Barber                   Supply                                          14th July 1913

Present in school year 1913/1914

Kathleen Willson          Headteacher

Amelia Dobbs               Class 1a

Edith Hopwood            Class 1b

Grace Berridge              Class 2                                            1st September 1913

Sarah Brewster              Class 3

Beatrice Cooke              Class 4

Eleanor Hockin             Class 5

Mrs Davidson                Supply                                           1st September 1913

Selina Berridge (Miss)  Certified assistant                        13th September 1913

Present in school year 1914/1915

Kathleen Willson           Headteacher

Selina Berridge               Class 1

Edith Hopwood             Class 2

Grace Berridge               Class 3

Eleanor Hockin              Class 4

Dora Pollard                   Class 5

Eleanor Hockin is sometimes spelt Helena.

The details if teachers were recorded annually on the 31st August. Amendments were also made throughout the year. Some of the information is inconsistent but I have replicated what was recorded in the school log book.

To find out more information about individual teachers click on the links below.

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